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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ireland choosing debt bondage for its citizens

In a fair game, there are winners and losers. The people who are winners and losers are the participants of that game. For example, in a game of chess, the two people playing CHOOSE to participate in the game, and therefore expect one will be a winner and one will be a loser. What makes it competitive is both go in expecting to win. When the game resolves, there can only be one winner.

When bond holders and investors decided to participate in investment "game", all participants I am sure expected to make money. Historically, companies may go bankrupt or undergo other unforeseen financial stress, resulting in those investors either meeting their expectations of a win or a loss.

What Ireland has decided to do, is to pick a third party to be a loser. The market participants where facing a catestrophic loss as over-leveraged private banks where on the path for default. Ireland has decided to have a sector not directly choosing to invest in the banks, the Irish citizens, to take the loss. The result is, those who invested in banks, win, there is no loser. The meta message is, there will never be a loser for market participants. The Irish citizens, many who cannot afford to make investments in bank securities, now must pay for the losses.

The result will be decades of debt bondage for all Irish citizens who decide to remain in Ireland. This diminishes their freedom, and is a blow to democracy. America has been taking similar steps to make the US citizens pay for private bank losses. Already trillion(s) have gone to private institutions through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and FDIC insured losses, as well as Federal Reserve Bank purchases, and direct government subsidies. As a percent of GDP however, Ireland is in a completely different position than the USA. My prediction, assuming the Irish decide to pay this private debt of in the decades to come, is a return to the old Ireland, with high unemployment, and being regarded as the third world country of old Europe.

And if the citizens don't stand up for their interests, then this is exactly what they deserve, debt bondage.

A good video of Parliamentary member talking about the European union is a failure, and countries like Ireland is only the tip of the iceberg. The Euro is not better off than America, and the world is just discovering this. This blog stated in January 2010 would be the year nation destabilization begins, and re-iterated the European Union is headed for failure in May, when Europe decided to make private losses part of public debt. As a tribute to my friend Conrad "I'll wait for the world to catch up" to reality.

Ditto Head Returns!

Back in August of 2010, I announced my ditto head status of Gary of the Smart Money tracker. For those not looking to make money on any given month, but have a multi year time horizon, Gary is still king in my book.

But I wrote on several recent occasions that I departed from Gary, on the short term. I am very happy to say, I am back on the Gary bandwagon.

I guess I need to recant my ditto head status of Gary. I am still 100% on board with Gary over the long haul, but for the short term, I am not going to try to catch falling knives. I lost a ton last year trying to that. Lesson learned.

So while I will still resist trying to catch falling knives, Gary in private advisory service (pay for his service, it pays for itself), we are now back in sync with my call on Nov 14th for a 6 to 10 weeks for gold to pull back.

That places the near term bottom of natural resources & gold between late December and late January. Gary is currently calling for mid to late December.

So for now, I'll just sit tight, and wait for more air to come out of gold and natural resources. I'll decide later if it is time to catch falling knives into the end of the year or wait until January.

For me, it this is a bit of vindication of my departure of being a Gary ditto head, and a welcome return to his leadership. In the scheme of life, a difference of 6 to 10 weeks is a drop in the bucket. By February those who aren't Gary fans (or of me) will have their answer. By then natural resource costs, and specifically precious metals, should be back onto the upswing.

I am going to delay my weekly chart posting to Tuesday or Wednesday night, to see how the markets react to black Friday sales and Cyber Monday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The show This Week with Christiana Amanpoar had a good episode this week on philanthropy.
The episode is called Billionaires Giving Back, full article and videos available at this link. In an environment that seems more of class warfare than unity in improving society, this was a refreshing presentation. Among the various discussions was Warren Buffet making the case that the top 1% should pay more. Bill and Melinda Gates focus on raising America's education standard to be better prepared to compete in a world economy. One of Ted Turner's focus is on funding UN efforts to reduce nuclear proliferation.

What I find startling is the total giving is about 600 billion dollars in private donations to be spent over decades. America is deficit spending over a trillion dollars a year. It is striking how the top 1% wealth being directed to philanthropy efforts is still a drop in the bucket to American Government debt.

In any event, the entire show is well worth watching. Below I provided a few excerpts from the show.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks to all readers and bloggers

I have been blogging since August 2008, when I was inspired to use a blog as an outlet for my rantings of the financial situation I was following since August 2006.

Over the years, this blog has helped me articulate my own thoughts, during the process of creating articles. It also helps keep me honest about what I thought and when. It provides me a way to reflect and learn from my mistakes.

Frankly, 99.5% of my knowledge is owed to the internet, for without it, I would rarely get any meaningful information from the mass media. Of special thanks are the bloggers I place in highest regard. Mish is by far the best, with his general dissection of nearly everything. Karl of the Market Ticker is tirelessly tilting at windmills, trying to make a difference. Zero Hedge for groundbreaking news, Gary of the Smart Money Tracker for his insight into precious metals in this time of uncertainty, to the Slope of Hope for his charting pontifications, for John Hussman for his posts, and finally the Chart Store for providing the wide view when so many focus on the narrow view.

There are literally about 100 more people and sources I depend upon to get snippets of information, from podcasts, hedge fund managers, money managers, too many to list. Most of the information is through the internet. The top important ones I list on the right hand side of this blog, and under my new reader link at the top.

I am of course thankful for those who take the time to read this blog, I hope I have had a positive effect on you. At a minimum I hope I have inspired you to question and think about the events as they unfold.

I started tracking blog visits on September 4th, 2008, and have a summary of the statistics through November 24th, 2010.

Over 33,000 visits from 8,514 unique visitors in 99 countries (why couldn't it have there been 1 more?). Gary of Smart Money Tracker blog has directed 13% of total visitors to this blog.

I use Google Analytics, below is the stats.

Special thanks to Happy John, for that ill fated discussion in August 2006, that turned the light on in my head for the financial depression ahead.

Special thanks to my wife, who endures this old lunatic typing away, ranting about financial world apocalypse, and giving me a such a positive life.

Happy Thanks Giving

From WebSufinMurfs FinancialBlog2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Union Workers Double Standard

This clip is from September, sent to me by my brother Ray.
It is still funny as heck, highlights double standard by Unions. Very funny.

North Korea attacks South Korean Island

North Korea attacked a south Korean island, as a result a USA aircraft carrier is headed for Korea.
As a result of the attack, the Central Bank in Korea has announced they are taking actions to curb herd mentality.

I expect over the next decade more international issues occurring as economic tensions rise. When they occur, such as this one, it is likely the market reaction will bring surprises.

General thought would be US dollar strengthens in times of crisis. Natural resources could go either way. One would expect stock markets to fall. In any event, I'll reserve my predictions and just say, lets see market reactions. I doubt the Korean thing will be over in a day, lets see how this unfolds and the effect.

Ben Bernanke is wrong at every turn

The Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution, is lead by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The leader of the board is Ben Bernanke.

He follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Allan Greenspan.

Mr. Bernanke's opinion and approach to finances was well documented by himself, in a college thesis paper. In that paper he described how the Federal Reserve could have minimized the Great Depression through additional actions they failed to take.

What we have been witsnessing since 2002 is Mr. Bernanke following his own playbook he started when he was in college. The problem I have with this approach is, he somehow knows better than the rest of the world, and has a "Secret sauce" to save the world economy.

Mish has a post that is exceptional reading (click). Mish starts with looking at Mr. Bernanke's own words issued in 2002 on how he would minimize the deflationary forces.

I do take one noteable issue with Mish's generalist view he presents of deflation will win over inflation. The US is tied to China like it or not. China's economy, although full of asset bubbles, is generally acknowledged to be growing. And assuming China will continue to grow over the next decade, it will surpass the US as the economic powerhouse.

What is perplexing is Mish acknowledges this as a possible outcome, in this post here. So I am at a loss on how he presents a world where deflation across the board "wins". So while I agree with Mish about Greenspan, and deflationary forces, I am in disagreement that his typical post view does not illustrate the resource calamity we all face from China's growth.

What it will be is USD devaluation, and should not be confused with economic inflation, with respect to natural resources and Asian currencies. American's (and all western countries) will face is a lowering of standard of living even more, as most wages remain depressed, but costs increase.

I hope Mish is right and I am wrong, but I am hedging my bets.

Mish has a great post explaining all the differing sources of information and opinions he either draws from, or disagrees with titled Straight Talk" with Economic Bloggers. I encourage people to read it and seek other perspectives.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010


As I solidify in my mind the reality of what America and the world is doing, I am starting to think more politically. For the stock market, and other trading environments today are no longer free market enterprises. I am not sure frankly, if they ever were and I was ignorant, or the recent past has changed the reality of markets.

What we are seeing is countries, and global regions pitted against each other, using what leverage they can exert to try to alter the outcome of what a free market would bring.

China refuses to un-peg the yuan. I really have no idea at this point if they freely traded the yuan if it would soar or collapse. The point is, China like it or not, is becoming the global powerhouse of the world, challenging the US. And they are not allowing currency markets to dictate their currency valuation.

The US is outwardly stating they are trying to destroy the value of the US dollar by leveraging policies called Quantitative Easing, and other tricks. The wording is such, that they don't want to damage the dollar to the point of destroying it. But they want the US dollar to go down to make America "more competitive".

Further, the European union refuses to allow countries who are obviously bankrupt, like Ireland, to actually go bankrupt. Instead they are digging a deeper hole trying to shore up that country. This in the long run punishes Irish Citizens as they take on long term debt that will take generations to pay off. In effect, crushing that countries ability to finance economic policies as the country must take on paying off their debt as a mandate.

I could go on, how China makes 95% of the worlds rare earth elements, and is using that position to bully countries, including outright blackmailing Japan.

The point is, the economy, stock valuations, resource valuation, etc, is becoming a mute discussion. What is really worth discussing is the eventual new world order, new currencies, and new actions by countries attempting to fudge capitalist markets, in an attempt to have a more favorable outcome.

What is becoming more important to me is politics. I plan to always contribute to the blog weekly at a minimum, but I am considering starting a new political blog.

For I am tired of the partisanship to such a point, that I am against both Republicans and Democrats. Any bill that starts off Obama supports it, or Republicans support it, I am 100% against it.

What I care about is what the proposed actions are, and justification that it is needed, and can be funded. What I care about, is to discuss the topics, as Americans, and what is best for the country.

This rant was brought to you by a friend (Bob) who sent me an article, that talks about Republicans sabotaging Obama. Really? I would have never guessed. I bet there may be an article about how Democrats sabotage Republicans. Wah wah! I cry for the citizens and have no pity on the parties.

What I want is articles about leadership on making realistic progress, and stops pandering to the news media noise.

Political commercial, probably never see this on TV.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Congressional Hearings on Mortgage-gate

Why HR 3808 should not be allowed to pass, require proper legal documentation.
Further, stop the complaining, and start the prosecuting.
Without prosecuting, this will continue.

Follow the logic, banks are insolvent.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Three Cheers for NJ legislature, opposing TSA

Wow, makes me proud that NJ legislature is actually taking action.
I am surprised.

If you have been following the TSA body scanning story, well worth the watch.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chinese government caught redirecting part of internet traffic

This event has no bearing directly on investing. However, as part of the larger picture where China is moving to take on the world as primary world economic leader, this can get messy.

China was caught redirecting 15% of the world's internet traffic to route through China. This breaking of trust should not be taken lightly. But you won't hear a peep from the mass media.

Market Bounce in order

With Wednesday's flat day, I expect Thursday/Friday/Monday to be up. I am not buying back in here. But purchasing SLV (silver ETF) looks promising.

I'll sit tight into mid next week, and see how things develop.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HR 3808 defeated

Thankfully, HR 3808 was defeated, and for this reason I removed the label of Financial Ground Zero from the last post.

In a surprise move to me, the Democrats are the ones that opposed the bill, nearly all Republicans voted to over-ride. Very interesting, and possibly a warning of what is yet to come once republicans take office.

HR 3808, represents it is improving process by allowing electronic records legal and interstate paperwork binding. The problem I have with it is, it's retroactive to past mortgages. Currently when a mortgage is signed, the physical legal papers signed are the proof of ownership, and historically must be maintained. In the event the paperwork is lost, burned, or eaten by the banks pet dog, there are legal processes that can be triggered to re-establish ownership.

The reason I opposed the bill is the retro-active nature of the bill. If the law changes stating NEW mortgages are recorded electronically or out of state documents are deemed legal, I am not vehemently opposed.

New mortgages originated under new guidelines, will give the opportunity for the lawyers involved to ensure all items are in order. When I purchased my house, I paid a lawyer to represent my interests and ensure the legal paperwork was in order. I am OK with creating an electronic process to record my house purchase, and it could involve interstate documentation. I do work in the computer industry, and change is required to be acceptable (if not preferred).

What I opposed was to change the agreement I made when I purchased my house, retroactively, to state the paperwork and process I paid my lawyer to review, was no longer required to prove home ownership.

The purpose of the bill wasn't to just merely change process to a computerized recording system, it was to cover up the problems with the book keeping an legal process the banks used.

In short, the combination of being retro-active, to NOT recording the votes for or against the bill, and the adopting out-of-state papers that are not easily verifiable - retroactively applied, just smelled to me to be abuse of law and power.

Thank you for those who took action and called your representatives. Each call lets your representative know you are paying attention.

Call your representative TODAY about HR 3808

Back on October 15th, in post titled "Is US Government is Owned by the Banks?", I noted that HR 3808 was passed by congress but was pocket vetoed by President Obama. In that post, I made the argument that banks do not own the government.....I may need to reconsider my position with the action being taken today....

HR 3808 will force states to accept documents that are notarized in other states, without verifying any of the documentation. This in effect allows foreclosures on property to be done with documents not verifiable. It has been uncovered that foreclosures have occurred in all 50 states, with multiple different banks, but not following the legal process. This was dubbed foreclosure gate, and has resulted in state attorney's in all 50 states to issue an investigation into the robo-signing practice for foreclosures.

Unfortunately, the lame duck congress, is scheduled to vote on the bill on Wednesday, November 17th. I assume it will be done by voice, with NO WRITTEN RECORD of which congress members voted for or against the bill, as was done back in October. Congress could pass with enough votes to over-ride Obama's veto.

Therefore it is critical that you call your representative ASAP to tell them you expect the law that was in place when a mortgage was issued to be the same for foreclosing. That the legal documents that where specified under law to be kept to prove ownership, stands. That foreclosing on homes with paperwork that is not verifiable is not acceptable.
If you support the bill, at the very least please call your representative and encourage them to be proud of their voting record, and demand a written record is taken of the votes.
(The fact no record is kept should indicate something is wrong here.......)

To read more, click here on 4foreclosurefraud.org, zerohedge, or MarketTicker.org.

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Week in Chart

It's Sunday night late, I am tired. Plus I an convinced, right or wrong, I need to stay out of the markets this week, and possibly for another 4 weeks before going long resources again.

So I am dropping the S off in This Week in Charts, and just showing one.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Huge declines in Natural Resources Thursday and Friday

Well, I got to thank all the bloggers out there I quoted on Thursday AM for calling the impending natural resource decline. I sold over 50% of my positions on Thursday at the open. What proceeded to happen was natural resources lost huge ground Thursday and Friday. Gold didn't lose huge, but Sugar, Corn, and other foods did.
Sugar fell 12% in 2 days, a 22 year record in NY. Soybeans and corn fell so much, the exchanges closed.

It is possible natural resources will fall not much longer and the price hikes return in a week. I am going to be a little cautious here, and wait for 4 weeks-ish or more before buying back in. Gary of the Smart Money tracker seems to be a little more eager than me right here. I guess I need to recant my ditto head status of Gary. I am still 100% on board with Gary over the long haul, but for the short term, I am not going to try to catch falling knives. I lost a ton last year trying to that. Lesson learned.

I'll call myself wrong if gold starts hitting new highs, and I am OK with being late to the party and buying back in not at the bottom.

The question is, why am I so convinced that this retracement in natural resources is only a pause, in what we will see as a never ending rise in resources into a crisis?

Lets start with what triggered the sell off. Was food over extended, over valued and time for a return to lower prices? Perhaps. But my bet is the sell off was triggered by the exchanges changing reserve requirements on future contracts for natural resources. This triggered people leveraged to sell. This gimmick hardly changes fundamentals. All it does is punish those over-extended to sell their positions to gain back their margin.

Further, when prices correct so violently, it triggers a run for the door, accelerating the price decline. Once the herd however, realizes the house is not on fire, they will return buying, and driving prices up.

Further, we have an international currency war, with pending international trade war starting, combined with the Federal Reserve continuing it's easy money policy. The LAST thing we will see is natural resource prices hitting new lows. I freely admit, my timing could be off, and in the event the stock market falls uncontrollably, natural resources could hit new lows. But I am not betting at this point for a market crash. If you want to try to place such bets, go for it. Once again, I repeat, I am done with trying to catch falling knives.

For those thinking that deflation will take hold of natural resources and reduce prices, consider this. Sugar's low price in 2004 was 6.22 per pound, 10.47 in 2007, 18.07 in May 2010, and it hit high of 39.65 11-9-2010.

Corn 's LOW price in 2005 was 1.635, 2008 was 2.720, 2009 2.915, 6-29-10 3.025, and hit a high of 5.695 11-4-2010.

I could quote other foods and energy statistics, but there is one thing in common, prices are going higher at a relentless pace. Sure there are parabolic runs up, followed by a crash. But each crash's bottom is HIGHER than previous. The net is resources continue to March higher.

During the 2008 market crash, when many institutions where forced to liquidate, natural resources held values HIGHER than just 3 to 4 years earlier. Thats impressive considering the stock market fell to levels not seen since the 90's.

Further, this fits in my theory that natural resources will continue to march higher, as China and India's population of 2.5 billion people earn more, and will consume more. The net result will be American's/Western countries daily expenses going higher.

So while it is great to have reduced (not zero) exposure to natural resources for the moment, do not mistake this for a trend change. That won't happen unless we break 2008 lows, and I'll take any bet that it won't happen, and I'll bet every penny of my life's savings to boot.

Below is gold action since 2008, the draw downs are not far and not long.

Good luck.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time for Natural Resources Correction

If your in natural resources, it is starting to look pretty scary out there. Either the sector is going to keep running up, and the result may be civil unrest, or as the charts look, things are stretched and it's time to go back to the mean.

Several bloggers are calling it toppish right now. First, there is Gary of the Smart Money Tracker. As he points out, the USD has broken the trend line down. And if my friend John Chinnock is right, (which I am currently not in agreement with), we have seen the worst of the US dollar fall.

Over at xtrends, where they have been spot on since June, they are also calling a top.

A side note, Slope of Hope is also calling for plummeting solar panel prices next year, for those of us who are looking to reduce our houses on limited energy (fossil fuels).

In any event, natural resources when they correct are violent. So consider taking 1/2 down again of positions.

So there ya have it, I'll be lightening up again (after I added a week ago) and putting stops in.
Good luck.

Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week in Charts

I decided to shake the charts up this week. I pulled back the charts a little, to highlight each recent trend we have been seeing unfold. Last week I gave the super-long grand view, now I pulled the charts into the recent swing trend.

To the charts!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Public has huge faith in the US Dollar

The valuation of a currency is not as scientific as one may think. There is a mix of accounting, national economic profile, and public faith that combined creates a perceived value of a currency. As previously described in my post series What is Money?, Currencies are merely a debt note. A promise that for work done today, you can exchange the debt note to get work done in return for you in the future.

A currency that devalues in essence is the manifestation of the view that the promise for tomorrow is not looking so promising. In essence a cheap currency means, your "value" of a promise isn't as good as someone else's.

A complete currency collapse is where the faith of the currency is basically gone, and the currency enters into a valuation free fall. In a country like Zimbabwe, you must get paid daily, and spend 100% of your money the same day to get some sort of value out of the work you did.

In essence, there is no faith at all that the currency may hold value beyond a day. And even then, the prices may vary greatly during the day depending on the vendor and item to purchase.

A primary aspect on why I like natural resources is NOT because I am afraid of the US dollar going into a free fall. It is based upon as India and China citizens have more wealth, they will consume a greater portion of the world resources. That will drive resource costs up, forcing Americans and western countries to spend a larger part of their income on basics, such as food and energy.

In a different post, I'll explore my concerns over the US Dollar.

Right now, we are seeing the interest rates for US treasuries at all time lows. Frankly, there is really almost no room to go down anymore.

What does this tell me? Well, the US has been spending enormous account deficits, into the TRILLION per year. The demand for US bonds is so great, that even with huge issuance of new debt, the premium (interest rates) for US bonds is collapsing.

The message is, there is HUGE faith that the US dollar will not have a currency collapse. That is why sub 2.6% interest for a 10 year bond is acceptable. There is enormous amount of money pouring in, from everywhere, to buy 1, 5, 10, and even 30 year US Treasuries. The over 13 trillion dollars of outstanding US debt means that everyone, but everyone has enormous faith in the US dollar.

The US stock market capitalization across all stocks is about 17 trillion, the world stock market capitalization is around 50 trillion. 13 Trillion of US government bond debt is quite a striking number when compared to these others.

Below is about a 2 year graph of the US valuation, as compared to other currencies (not as compared to resources). The yellow area is where I get real concerned the US dollar is headed for a new low. If we enter the red zone, the next level is unknown.

Considering the US dollar is near a bottom in valuation, and bond purchasing is at a all time high, with all time low interest rates, this is proof positive the world has huge faith in the dollar will not devalue. So to me the argument that everyone expects the US dollar to fall is quite false. Quite possibly many financial analysts or traders think the dollar is in for trouble, but this is a very tiny amount of "consumers" of US Treasuries.

I consider what we may witness in the next 12 months is a flip, from extreme US Bond BULLISHNESS as we are seeing right now, to one of pessimism. We are displaying near zero concern for the US bond market, and the value of the US dollar it is supported by, as a place of wealth storage. We are seeing, the end of the greatest US Bond faith ever seen as 13 trillion dollars is held by investors.

For some nice Economist articles on Debt, see "The Global Debt Clock map", "Borrowing is now a problem", and "World Debt".

American Citizens have no clue about Economics

In the economic world, as in most professions, there are different followings of different teachings or principles around the topic of economics.

Believe it or not, there is no agreed method of how to handle the creation of money, debt, gold relating to money, or any other concept to nail down money creation and sovereign debt management. Some say national debt is OK, others say its bad, etc.

In any event, Keynesian economists rule the world roosts. My bet is in the next decade, they will be dethroned as theoretical rather than practical scientists. I prefer Austrian school of economics myself.

Being that the US and the world is experiencing currency tensions, trading tensions, and soaring national debt, one has to find it.....sad...that many support politicians without knowing the entire financial outlook of the US rests on Keynesian economists directing much of the world policy.

Granted, the people running this comic interview are deliberately playing off the knee jerk reaction that they are saying Obama is Kenyan. Obama's birth certificate is of controversy, and some believe he isn't American.

Watch this video, not sure if its funny or just sad.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter has been cast as a very decisive figure in American Politics.
I have heard some pretty crazy stuff associated with him.

But I do believe he was truly the last conservative (economic) president in the white house.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Federal Reserve Bank and Quantitative Easing 2

If you haven't heard, the Federal Reserve Bank pledged to purchase 600 billion in US treasuries in the next 8 months as part of Quantitative Easing, part 2.

While that is a boat load of cash, (or should I say, fraudulent money printing...), it really isn't that aggressive. Notice the Fed didn't announce more bad mortgage purchases. The Fed did leave the door open of course, to change direction at any time it sees fit.

So for now it seems, the market is rising on expectations of the QE2, and natural resources are rising. Gold is near its all time high from just a few weeks ago, when I sold 1/2 positions.

Today I added a little, I am still a bit skittish, mainly since the "direct play" is usually the wrong one.

In any event, the bloggers where at it. Some REALLY great pieces on FOMC and Ben Bernanke, I recommend reading all of them. For those with less time, read the first.

A GREAT Video critiquing of Quantitative Easing

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election done, next up FOMC

Today marks the REAL news that matters for the US economy, not the US election results, but rather the Federal Reserve Banks fiscal policy.

There are many opinions of the result of what will happen today. For the record, Gary of the smart money tracker believes the market may pullback initially, but the rally will continue for many months afterwards.

I do believe Gary is likely correct, but if he is, me buying after the move is obvious rather than before to me is more prudent. I'll miss out on profits, but I'll also miss out on major stress. Unfortunately, if Gary is correct on the continued advancement of gold and commodities as a result of the FOMC actions, everyone will get poorer as our daily cost of living will start to skyrocket in the year(s) to come.

If interested, check back and click this link after 2:15pm today: