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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call your representative TODAY about HR 3808

Back on October 15th, in post titled "Is US Government is Owned by the Banks?", I noted that HR 3808 was passed by congress but was pocket vetoed by President Obama. In that post, I made the argument that banks do not own the government.....I may need to reconsider my position with the action being taken today....

HR 3808 will force states to accept documents that are notarized in other states, without verifying any of the documentation. This in effect allows foreclosures on property to be done with documents not verifiable. It has been uncovered that foreclosures have occurred in all 50 states, with multiple different banks, but not following the legal process. This was dubbed foreclosure gate, and has resulted in state attorney's in all 50 states to issue an investigation into the robo-signing practice for foreclosures.

Unfortunately, the lame duck congress, is scheduled to vote on the bill on Wednesday, November 17th. I assume it will be done by voice, with NO WRITTEN RECORD of which congress members voted for or against the bill, as was done back in October. Congress could pass with enough votes to over-ride Obama's veto.

Therefore it is critical that you call your representative ASAP to tell them you expect the law that was in place when a mortgage was issued to be the same for foreclosing. That the legal documents that where specified under law to be kept to prove ownership, stands. That foreclosing on homes with paperwork that is not verifiable is not acceptable.
If you support the bill, at the very least please call your representative and encourage them to be proud of their voting record, and demand a written record is taken of the votes.
(The fact no record is kept should indicate something is wrong here.......)

To read more, click here on 4foreclosurefraud.org, zerohedge, or MarketTicker.org.

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