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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Anonymous, Extremists against the FRB

There is an extremist technology based terrorist group out there called Anonymous.  This group has launched  various small attacks against the Federal Reserve Bank to give visibility to their agenda.   While I agree that the current global fiat currency system has issues, I do NOT view this as a conspiracy to oppress the world.

In reality, centralized systems weakest link is, they are centralized.   Centralization stifles innovation, in effect evolution.  Centralization magnifies mistakes they make, as the people part of the central authority will over time, align with like-minded approach.  In the current Federal Reserve Bank, there is no question that overall the entire establishment believes in the mantra of Keynesian economics.  When a body of people follow a methodology, a religious like belief system, their decisions become extremely prejudice.  They are responding to a problem with 'What they know'.   That is what we are witnessing.  I am NOT a believer of Conspiracy theories.

Anonymous launched an attack and breached the Federal Reserve System, announcing it on SuperBowl Sunday.  I am of the belief while a black eye on the Fed, I really doubt there is any information they retrieved that has any remote effect on the security of the country banking system.

Anonymous, assuming they believe what they say, are unfortunately, misguided in their approach.  I believe they are likely young, under 30 years old, and view themselves as helping save the future for themselves and others.   What they don't realize is their attacks will have the exact opposite effect.  The Federal Reserve Bank are the established, lawful, and community supporting entities, and Anonymous are the rogue terrorists.

And I actually believe that this view, is a correct one.  Anonymous is the problem.

If their acts moved away from concerning of the current framework, and focused on a better framework, as I describe in my post Ideal form of Money - Power to the People, then they could help provide a solution to a system that will fail to competition of a better system.

If they actually triggered a situation by their acts, a run on the banks, they will create kaos and much death.  I'd like to not see that please.  I'd rather transition  like people did with Music, Video, Software services, tablets, smartphone, and other tech-era revolutions.  Some can stay on old, some will move to new, and eventually the new takes over, replacing the old.  That is a transition I'd rather face.

Same goes for the protest group called  Occupy WallstreetStop protesting, and get on with a solution.

So if you follow these guys, this time, don't root for the under-dog.  Root for the old system, The Federal Reserve Bank, until something better is obvious.
Notice in video below how they combine what I see, Commodity Costs increasing, currency crisisbut their root is the evil conspiracy people while my view is, the world is evolving.  Its nice and simple to view bad guys are holding back paradise.  The reality is people do what they think is net best for them and others (in that order), given the construct they have to work with.  Notice they want to punish selfish people, supporting this is supporting global extinction.  Humans are selfish, its called self-preservation.

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