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Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Week in Chart

Today I have only one chart for you, the S&P 500.
Gold is up, but I am still very jittery and remain out of GLD & SLV.
I am still in precious metal miners, not sure of what is in store.
US dollar waffles but remains above all time lows.

The story for me is the US indexes, and I'll use S&P 500 to illustrate.
If you haven't yet, I urge you to read and watch the video this blog post "When to Buy Stocks or get out of the market".

Stock charts, I think are becoming much less dependable, as the massive computer trading machine uses them to manipulate the people in the market. I can't dismiss them entirely. But if I see this chart indicator, so do many people with bigger interests than I.

I am hoping that the market makes a little higher pop this week. Some parts of me think maybe the worst is behind us and the market will waffle around here.

But there is the part of seeing political global unraveling that makes me pessimistic.
The 10 year US treasury notes are at the LOWS of 2008!

And there is my quandary. if the US Treasury rates are ALREADY at a low equal to the market crash of 2008....what is next? Is the worst already here, ready for yet another market move?
It seems strange to even think such a thing when I look around with all the statistics. The baby boomers may soon have no choice but to put their money in the markets as fixed income rates get CRUSHED?.

Something much larger maybe afoot, and in some terms, maybe we are AT the 2008 lows, without the S&P crashing to 666. I can speculate about 2000 possibilities. Best I can say is, watch and see. For some reason I am not NEARLY as panicked when I started this blog in August 2008. I am from the aspect of the global condition, but not as much from market conditions.

To the chart!

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