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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Politics as bad as it gets

This post has nothing to do with investing, but politics. So if not interested, move along to next post.

I personally am against "enhanced interrogation techniques", aka torture by the USA. But regardless if you are for or against, the debate should be very factual based, not trumped up propaganda. Promoting "close to torture" techniques must be taken seriously as a nation if the US wants to promote countries around the world to embrace as constructive approach for government security.

With Bin Laden killed, I have heard quite a few calls about how Bin Laden's death can be directly attributed to "Enhanced interrogation techniques". (I will call EIT rest of post)

I am very happy to see John McCain has broken ranks from Republicans trying to use politics to take away Obama for taking down Laden under his watch, but instead to focus on the topic. Can EIT be attributed to Bin Laden's death?

See video at end of this post of his speech, where Mr. McCain clearly debunks linking EIT to killing Bin Laden. For those not educated about McCain, a true patriot, he himself was tortured for over FIVE YEARS by the Vietnamese. I may not always agree with McCain politics, but I do respect his life and commend his contribution to America, both military service and public service.

Those in Republican politics should frankly be required to know this fact about McCain. And if your a contender for the Republican nomination, it must be mandatory.

So it's to my surprise that former Sen. Rick Santorum, a republican presidential candidate, aid Tuesday about EIT, and I quote:

"And so this idea that we didn't ask that question while Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was being waterboarded, he (McCain) doesn't understand how enhanced interrogation works."
."I mean, you break somebody, and after they're broken, they become cooperative. And that's when we got this information. And one thing led to another, and led to another, and that's how we ended up with bin Laden," said Santorum.

There is no excuse, this man should publicly apologize, and re-affirm that he is willing and PROUD to speak opinion without any research, knowledge of facts, or appreciation for his opponents perspectives.
That his opinion matters, and his basis for opinion is not important. For all opinions have equal weight regardless of facts. And that this is the mantra for those in politics who winning is everything, and content is a casualty of the game.

For me, siding with the thoughtful and considered opinion on EIT by McCain vs Santorum, I trust McCain above all other politicians, for he is the most informed to make an EDUCATED opinion.

Between this , the US constitution 4th amendment being dismantled by the Supreme court, and trying to pass a bill allowing the military to perform operations like bin Laden raid anywhere any time, including inside the USA? I ask, how much lower can we go? Answer, much deeper than I can imagine.

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