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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Precious metals into 2015-2017

I reserve the right to change my view that I have today in the years to come.
For after all, one must remain flexible to change their outlook as new events and information come to light. Those who subscribe to a religious like belief into any one destined outcome are 99.9% likely to be wrong in the final outcome. Only the either super smart, or probably, super lucky, are those that attain the 0.1% correct outcome.

Since the start of this blog, I was ranting about not trusting the stock market valuations, the problems with financial system, the lack of law enforcement, and many other topics. I have evolved into focusing on the positives of investing in natural resources as a long term positive investment. I say long term, but that depends on the sector. For precious metals of gold, silver, etc, I have been quoting in past posts about 2013 and beyond for a top. I have said as far out as 2016, but could be farther.

Gary Savage, of the Smart Money Tracker, has become my guide for precious metals investing. I recently posted how I am sitting more on the sidelines as per his paid service recommendations. I am keeping core positions, as I will until this run ends, sometime after 2013.

Since Gary has become my guide, for precious metals investing, it is important to listen to Gary himself on his vision. I have found a nice interview with Gary about the course through 2017.

Gary DOES NOT look at things like investing in Uranium (URA, CCJ), Rare Earth Minerals (AVL, REE, MCO, LYSCF), Oil and natural gas (OIH, FCG), alternate energy (MGMXF), Food (RJA, DBA) and other resources like I do.

But Gary will probably have the last laugh as he world cannot afford the same parabolic valuation in any of those resource plays as it can in Gold and Silver. For the other resources if they go parabolic, there would be many more countries experiencing revolution. The world can remain relatively stable with expensive gold, for the world truly does not require gold to operate. The other resources....well....without them people die.

So onto Gary's interview, a must watch if your interested in precious metals.
Summary: Gold/Silver A-B-C patterns on stock relies on 3 year cycle low of USD.
2011 will see 3 year dollar low, then 2014, then finally 2016-2017
Gold/Silver will enter into a parabolic upswing for a straight year in the end.
Next cycle for gold top in May-June.
Recommend silver miners, AGQ or GDXJ.
C waves are parabolic moves, so must correct.
During correction, Gold/Silver trade sideways for a year before next C wave advance.

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