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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

This post is a dive into politics, if you have no interest, move along.

Obama's birth certificate has been a long running contentious topic. Allegedly, Obama is not a native born American, and therefore he legally cannot be president.

I heard some of the arguments, and I did not have any strong opinions either way. I did think, knowing politics, he may not be native born. In principle this is a very important topic, for it follows in my concern that the USA doesn't enforce the law as evenhanded as it should, see corruption posts.

So this item came back up, and for some reason, the white house decided to publish Obama's birth certificate. Karl of the Market ticker does a great job exploring this topic, and has some astute observations. I have to say, he has a compelling argument that the white house birth certificate has issues. And if it does have issues, I'd have to jump to the conclusion its a cover up, and therefore Obama is illegally president of the USA.

I find one of Karl's points very compelling. quote:

Other curiosities include the fact that the time of birth is exactly the same on the (now-discredited - or is it?) Kenyan birth certificate that has been floating around the Internet, and that registration dates on the long-form match the Kenyan "forgery" as well. How did a purely fraudulent document in a foreign nation happen to wind up with the exact same time of birth and certification dates as the alleged "real" certificate - if Hawaii never released the latter information until now? That's a hell of a coincidence. Yes, I know the time of birth was "out there." The certification dates were not, to the best of my ability to determine, public knowledge.

If you have interest in this topic, I encourage reading Karl's post here.
The item above alone raises the question to me how the fake kenyan birth certificate matches the exact time and date of the white house version of Obama's official birth certificate.

But this is a moot point, for the who document process above would be very difficult to prove. Therefore I am not sure what good any of this does, for it's likely not easily proven in either direction.

Now lets get back to something easily proven, that the Federal Reserve Bank has committed violations of the constitution and should be dissolved. And focus on enforcing laws and fixing USA finances to prevent a very dismal outcome for the US in the next 10 years.

Comment from friend, Chris Diaz:
The reason the most recently released birth certificate and the forged "Kenyan" certificate have the same time and date is not because they "match". Instead, the most recent long form actually matches the certificate that was rele...ased in 2008 during the campaign, as well it should. The "Kenyan" forgery that appeared about a year or 2 ago simply used the time and date that was listed on the certificate released in 2008 that the birthers and Trump apparently never acknowledged because the president didn't go door to door allowing everyone to examine. That this is still being debated is proof positive of the unfortunate power of conspiracy theories.

Chris, I hate Conspiracy Theories, they are not productive and distract people from focusing on what matters. With that explanation, makes me feel better..and re-enforces its pointless anyway to debate any of this, it doesn't matter.

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