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Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week in Charts

Well, Friday's bounce was a surprise to me. In any event, it doesn't change the fact the market looks shaky to me. Everything looks shaky to me really, even natural resources.

But if you want to be in the market, I still contend food, Gold, Silver, and energy are best places to be. If I had to cut that down to top two, it would be gold and silver. Oil will continue to be very volatile between mid east and japan issues.

Why? Because in times of panic, I expect Gold and silver to climb. In 2008, the collapsed, I think this time around it may be the exact opposite. But really, who knows.

So hold onto a core position of Gold, Silver, both direct metal ETF's and miners. Keep an half an eye to either double up, or cut to the core position. But never, NEVER lose your core position.

The KEY thing to remember when looking at these charts is the USD, it is not gaining strength. That is a real problem, for what USD has had going for it is "everyone else in the world stinks, so US is better" doesn't seem to matter. Once that ace in the hole goes, watch out!

Anyway, to the charts!

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