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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ditto Head - 7 weeks later

I realized in my post Ditto Head, 1 month later, I made an error in my spread sheet.
The prices reflected in that post where changing to be current price.

So I am reposting how the resource positions have done in the last 7 weeks.

NOTE: The US dollar continues to break down, but everyone is expecting a bounce, probably starting this Monday. For now, its Gold hitting hew highs, resources climbing, stocks mildly rising, and fixed income rates falling.

Resources are the clear winner the last 7 weeks. But I expect a punch back soon. After all, markets don't travel in a straight line.

I would not blame anyone taking some off the table friday if gold rallies to new highs.

Also, Max Kaiser may be a bit fringe, but gold did hit 1380 an ounce today, nice call.

And if anyone out there was smarter than me, and held all their gold and mining positions from my original post in 2008, below is the results
CLEARLY, this sector has outperformed by anyone's standard compared to other sectors or the market.

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