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Thursday, January 28, 2010

US Dollar strengthening

After watching a video with Jim Rogers, I discovered another analyst that caught my interest, Kirby Daley. I did some searching on the web, Mr. Daley works for the Newedge group, based in Hong Kong. I couldn't find a place to follow his thoughts on the economy unfolding. But Mr. Daley is starting to appear in various media segments.

I found an interesting video of Mr Daley, recorded around Dec 21st where Mr. Daley makes some future predictions. One of them was strengthening of the dollar, which has come to pass since the interview. I created two links for me to reference periodically for appearances of Mr. Daley, one using google news, another using youtube.

Second video is the most recent discussions from Mr. Daley from Jan 11th, where he states US markets prone to correction at anytime. Jan 19th was the high (so far) for last 52 weeks of US stock market.

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