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Monday, August 3, 2009


How far can this bull run? I can't imagine this lasting into next week without a definitive answer. I see risk on both sides, a market move up higher or much lower. All investing to me is risk. Cash is safest play right now. I of course, am not listening to my own advice. I reserve the right to lighten positions without warning, but I'll try to summarize in the blog at night.

Until SPX 1K is broken, with a market CLOSE above that level, I am still banking on market reversal. It must happen, but if that is 1 day away or 3 weeks, is the question. And I can't take holding positions if SPX runs to 1100.

Good luck out there, and let's hope I am wrong, and this is a new 10 year bull market. High employment, low inflation, and rising real estate. But I can't bet on that yet. The current reality on the economy get in the way of me investing in a market bull.

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