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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Save the USA from financial ruin

Ron Paul sponsored a bill to open the financial books on the Federal Reserve, a quasi-private entity of the US government. I say quasi since this entity uses it's status as a private institution when it wants, and a public one, to suit it's needs.

But one thing that cannot be disputed, the actions of the Federal Reserve has put TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer money either at risk, or committed to private institutions. According to the US Constitution, only one entity may spend on the behalf of taxpayers, and that is the US Congress.

Therefore, it is a direct violation of the US Constitution when the Federal Reserve Bank is spending taxpayer money without US Congress oversight. Ron Paul's bill is the first step to fix this budgetary problem that has exploded since September 2008, to open the Federal Reserves financial books to Congress, and by extension the public.

YOU can make a difference! YOU must contact your senator and tell them to support this bill NOW. If WE THE PEOPLE do not participate in our democracy to ensure our interests are represented WE all deserve the results. There are no victims here. US citizens are in control of congress through political pressure. (Free internet fax service here, click)

Please watch this video of one of the governments patriots, US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

I am labeling this moment as a Financial Ground Zero event, as the US Government can stem the depth of the financial destruction right here and now by restricting the Federal Reserves spending the US taxpayer money without representation.


  1. Wrote my Congressman and two Senator's months ago about supporting this.

    I do expect the Banksters to crush it though. I don't have much faith in the system anymore. :(

  2. Ragnorox,
    The bankers keep trying, so do we.
    Sometimes endurance counts most.