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Sunday, July 12, 2009

America doesn't want to compete

It is quite clear that American's don't want to compete. It isn't about being effective workers, having winners or losers, its about having fun playing the game.

American's decided for kids, teaching them to not keep score of games, but just have fun, has infected the adult world of the US.

Having difficulty finding a private bank to refinance your home? Solution is to have the US government back housing loans 125% of the value of the house.

Can't pay for a mortgage because you are jobless? Time for the US government to pay for your mortgage for you.

Own an international company that made bad bets? Time for the US government to give upwards of 182 billion dollars for your international gambling habit. To reaffirm your not a loser, give out millions of bonuses before paying your creditors (USA).

People not buying stocks? Bonds? We can't have people in the finance industry lose, so lets create an automatic deduction system for all US workers to force money back into the USA financial ponzi scheme. After all, we don't want people choosing not to spend in financial markets, they would lose.

Running a hedge fund but people want their money back? Can't have that, the hedge fund will lose, so keep private investor money legally by just denying investors can have their money back. After all, we can't have a hedge fund lose.

People want to sell their homes, but can't find buyers? Don't enforce the law, allow massive fraud in new mortgages in the face of the largest mortgage collapse in the history of the world. We can't have real estate agents not selling, and people not able to sell their homes. After all, no one loses when the failed mortgages fall on the taxpayers, we all "win" for the house sale.

Can't pay your mortgage? No problem! Just live there for free! The banks don't want to sell the house, since it would force them to recognize the house value, and then force them to adjust their balance sheets. If the banks had real balance sheets, some banks may go under. No one wants that. That would require the bank to be "judged" in the game of capitalism, to COMPETE as a business. Better off to not keep score, so we can all win.

In life, when you try to create a fake world that no one loses, in reality, we all lose. A world of no losers is called COMMUNISM. The world of CAPITALISM has winners and losers. The USA is no longer a capitalist society in my opinion in world finance down to personal finance level.

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  1. I have tears in my eyes Murph! Spot on. :)

  2. Boy I hope someone comes into the political scene, kicks ass, and makes thing right. But I just don't see it.