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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Political Shift in America

My previous post talks about conspiracies, and my view of them, please read before proceeding to ensure you understand my perspective.

I have been thinking for years where America is headed towards politically, and I don't like what I see. In December 2001, fear mongering was used as justification for giving up hard earned freedoms, starting with the Patriot Act, without any significant opposition from the people. Fear mongering was used again in 2008, as I recognized the start of the insanity. TRILLIONS of dollars is being allocated from the public sector to the private sector to "save the world from collapse". This money is being allocated by very few people, with great secrecy, and no accountability. Further, we have central figures, such as US Treasury head, Geithner, making power grab to expand their powers beyond what has ever been done before. This also is being done without any real opposition. This past week we had a private institution, The Federal Reserve proposing to transfer assets from the Fed to the US Treasury, to assume the financial responsibility for the profit or more likely loss, of the transaction. As mentioned, this is in direct violation of the US Constitution.

There are more extreme examples such as US sponsored torture, the wiretapping of citizens without warrants, US Government building detainment centers across the country, US Military troops being deployed inside the US, and I'm sure you could find dozens of other examples, some from shaky news sources.

Read the paragraph above, think about the trend. Are you angry? Are you angry enough to do something? Donate to ACLU? Join the NRA? Spread the word to friends/family to spread the word about the trend? Write your congress people? (my line is here currently) Visit your congressional representatives? Join a protest?

If you answered at a level below "spread the word", the trend will not stop. And no one can predict where the spiral will lead to.

I am not making a case for conspiracy. I am making a case for "like minded people" pursuing the same needs and wants. The like minded in this case are those who seek centralized political, economic, military, and law enforcement control.

Without the US Democracy having active participation by the majority (NOT minority of radicals) to keep the US government in check, politics will shift, away from representing the public's interests to those of private interests. The strong will have have always taken advantage of the weak since the first two single cell organisms bumped into each other. The US public is behaving "weakly" compared to the strength of centralized power.

I will continue to post economic relevant information, and comment on it. I will post political events as they unfold. I will resist posting any political commentary. I urge you to find the line you are willing to oppose efforts by the power minority to weaken the power of the majority. I do have hope that the internet may enable enough information flow to resist the possible shift. Unfortunately, the vast majority of US citizens do not follow news to the depth that is required currently.

The political shift that I fear doesn't have to be "dictatorship" or anything that radical, it can come into a form of "public debt" enslaving the US from activity, resource shortages such as food, or other public fear tactics to justify consolidation of power.

I now have some insight of what a Jew or political activist went through with the rise of Hitler, each step is not that bad, but by the time the journey is recognized, the point of no return may have left you behind.

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