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Friday, September 5, 2008

Government vs Private USA Employment History

Here is a a very interesting graph of the employment history of USA Government vs private jobs. It is a bit small on the blog, click on it for greater detail.

Two things are very apparent in this graph from the New York Times. The recession from 2001 to today saw significant employment increase by the government as compared to private sector. This trend seems to be accelerating.

Further, the next section shows how Clinton significantly reduced the size of the government (hence government costs) more than any recent president.

My Spin: Dems have a bad rap to be for big government and Republicans skate by as for lower government, where recent history is quite different.

Also we have taken huge hit in manufacturing. Health care is really a non-export work. Kinda like fast food, but servicing the aging baby boomers. Government isn't truly effective either. Very disturbing as an overall general trend. I would like to see additional data on technical sector growth, which is the "new" manufacturing sector.

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