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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reinventing the economy

I just discovered how to blog from my  phone.   Expect more posts, but shorter ones.     I agree that really big money is going to own things and not go public to retain money generation.   If you look at marginal companies like Dell you see this happening already.    That will leave the average person no way to put money into the stock market and get a return they desire.   Very good video for local companies to move closer to the sharing economy model.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is the theory market still topped for 18 months in-tact

Back in January I posted US Stocks have topped for at least another 18 months and subsequently Disturbing Graphs .

View can change with new information, so what is the current thought?
At the moment the prediction market topped for 18 months remains intact....until proven wrong with new market highs.

I put together a bunch of charts using long term market indicator to evaluate where we stand.
I cover the S&P 500, interest rate, gold, and other sectors

To the charts!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

China, the elephant in the room

This is one of those occasions being right isn't great.  I did predict in 2008 that the forces of China on USA labor would make cost of living higher while suppressing wages, mission accomplished!

I posted many times since then how China would NOT save the world economy.  Here we are in 2016 and many people are arriving at this conclusion now.   The uncertainty this brings is unprecedented in such a large global economy.  We have all reaped the benefits of cheap Chinese products.  Pretty sure every electronic item I own ows 80% or more of the parts from China.

Ran across some videos today. the first one is excellent to bring to attention the demographic miracle is over.  It touches on the age problem briefly, but I have covered this many times before. The one child per couple law has dwarfed the demographics so much, the old will clearly outnumber the young for decades to come.

Also moving forward I see robotic manufacturing and small custom manufacturing exploding back into local economies, as I covered before in MarchOfTheRobots

Second video touches on the Panama papers, and how Chinese are exporting their wealth to safety.

I still think USA may want China and Russia to take a greater part in the current currency system so they can share greater pain when it is replaced as I posted in "The Hard Road must be taken".