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Friday, February 5, 2016

Disturbing Graphs

When viewing these data points, which is more likely, 20% rise in US stocks in year ahead, or 3% or more loss?   It is impossible to know, but be prudent!

Baltic Dry index measures shipments of dry goods, tad bit disturbing.

Commodity prices vs Nasdaq

With US stock market at record highs, 1 in 7 Americans rely on foodstamps

Manufacturing and new orders are trending negative.

See full detail on this market trend indicator by clicking here:

Fear play, Gold, or some the safe play (nothing is safe...) seems to be bottoming, 3 month chart below.

Detroit was last massive failure in USA, next up, Chicago.
The fed is targeting to go Negative on interest rates.  You pay the government to buy their bonds, dare I say if they are talking extreme measures now, they see risk.

See my post January 8th on Stocks have topped for 18 months for more on indicators of a top.

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