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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Market Musings

This week has the potential to be very important for Gold Miners.
First, there is the recent whip-saw for gold, I expect some follow through one way or the other this week.
Gold Miner stocks report earnings this week, so the news should affect ETF's GDX & GDXJ in some manner.

Then there is the matter of the overall market.  Is this time truely different? Market about ready for a rapid rise? Don't dismiss it! If gobal currencies start to fail we could see an epic market tear.

However if this time is not different, reversion to the mean is long overdue.

I think this time its different is possible, but not plausible if you use history as a guide.  But then again, we are in a time unlike any in history.

I happened to have sold 1/2 of what Gary told me in Quest and got full in near the GDX bottom last week with cheap options, so this week I am very interested to see what happens, as I am out there, on my own.

Good Luck!

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