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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Consolidation - Command and Control

The corporations created since the manufacturing era have been consolidating for last few decades.  A nifty graphic from Reddit shows how so many consumer products are attributed to a few corporations.

My reaction just a few years back would have been one of aversion, I am for decentralization generally speaking.   But in reflection, I think we are seeing a much broader change, one that is hard to grasp.

The millennial generation and beyond frankly, are not going to be as material as the baby boomers.  They need very specific things, and must have it, but don't need as much of broader items.  What we are seeing is, the end game for old business.

The new businesses some of them are here, many are technology based corporations.   Some are starting, such as the maker movement, and home-DYI.   Many of the manufacturing and food companies are going to face strong headwinds as the people attitudes change.

The complex manufactured foods are going to continue to decline, cheap plastic sold at high prices will go away as 3d printing comes to life.   I am starting to realize the same goes for Media Consolidation, something I have been very concerned over.  I don't watch ANY TV, and rarely any mainstream media.   My media is purely Internet alternatives, blogs, YouTube, etc.  Considering how old I am, pretty sure the younger people shun old media even more.  Newspaper? Magazine? Fox news? 

So I present to you this graphic, and link to article from Mish, and while it does smack of concern, put your thinking cap on.  How important will these companies be to the general economic and growth of the world in the next 40 years? Most I think are past their peak.  Many won't exist or be a small version of their former glory due to dropping demand.

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