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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Media Consolidation

I posted back on November 2nd 2008, on a post on Blame Republicans or Democrats, where I articulate the high level actions that have contributed together to bring the western world into financial stress.
Back then we were voting for a president, and I stated :
As for either president, either one will face what is now looking almost certainly to be a Depression due to the actions being taken now. Either will face huge debt that they can't pay for. I am torn......

Fast forward to November 2011, and it looks to me that we are  in a continual recession/depression since 2008.  (I can make the case since 2000, but it is less apparent to most.) We are on-track for this time period to be relabeled a depression in a few years.

One key aspect of this situation is the media of blame, from my 2008 post is the media.   The media has not been doing a great job of informing the public, or even civil to those who try, as I showed in  Hostile Media on non-mainstream opinions.  The root of this is lack of competition for the eyes and ears of the public through TV, magazines, and newspapers.   In the post Blame Republicans or Democrats, the source of the lack of media variety was born by Ronald Reagan, bringing us to the top 5 giving 80% of the information me and you get.  

Today I have a more current depiction to better illustrate from "Frugal Dad" blog, thanks to my friend Bob.   It depicts this change of information suppliers.  My hope is over the next decade people will shift to bloggers and other news sources like I have.  Although it can present questionable information, to date I don't find it less reliable than the top 6 news providers, and in most cases more insightful.

Source: Frugal dad

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