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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hostile Media on non-mainstream opinions

I watched two videos today that are both worth watching.
First is Ron Paul, and his opinion on a wide variety of topics.

The second is a financial adviser who is not very optimistic of Europe, Japan, and I imagine, the USA.

What struck me when I watched these was the outright hostility of the interviewers.
The one interviewing Ron Paul was very  aggressive in his questioning.  Each one was positioned to make Ron Paul look fringe. (which he is!)  I'd love to see the same interview-er with other candidates to see if the questions are this deep, confrontational, and at times dismissive!

The second the interviewer clearly had an agenda to paint the adviser as profiting from main street losses.
As in my thankful post, this man could have avoided the interview and kept his opinion to himself.
Instead he stood strong to meet in the public eye and stand his ground.

It no wonder its so hard to get the straight scoop when the media is on a mission.  Shut up and conform already!

This woman says there where very few investors that knew the world was heading into financial turmoil.  Why is that? oh, maybe the media isn't questioning what is presenting at face value?  Nah, the media has zero responsibility to keep the masses informed, they should do like I do, read bloggers and watch random videos.

In this clip the interviewer says you can't buy insurance of a house you don't known.  She is actually right.  All DERIVATIVE MARKETS should be killed off or deeply restricted, and minimize leverage.  Just take a look at Israel for a model of what is sane.  It is these exotic Derivatives in an unregulated, opaque market that are a problem.  Don't attack this man for participating in the market!  Go after the construct, and fix it!

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