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Thursday, November 24, 2011


My blog is pretty much all about reporting some very scary stuff, that could be viewed as negative. Today's post is the positive.

I am most thankful for the life me and my wife have built, with our son Joey. She has been everything I could ask for and more. She is understanding, caring, strong, and very hard working to make the home life I enjoy today.

I am very thankful for all the wonderful people that has been my lifelong support system. My immediate and extended family. My friends, who have been there for the good and bad. Of all my friends, especially to the "Friday night" crew, you know who you are. :)

For my work, and more importantly, the absolutely fantastic, smart people it is my pleasure to work with every day. By extension being employed by a multi-national corporation, reasonably well compensated in this rough economic environment that I expect to last 10 years from now.

For where I live, a relatively insulated community surrounded by affluent towns. I hope it provides better for my family in the dark times ahead.

For technology, for my entire life has been permeated by it in every possible aspect. Technology provides for me through my job, finding my wife, for my enjoyment (gaming!), and for the information flow and framework to bring this post.

 I am thankful that even though this country will be shaken to it's very foundation, to date, it remains relatively free.

For my health, and the health of my closest friends and family, with unfortunately a couple of exceptions. 

And finally, for the unsung heroes that are fighting for a better tomorrow, by donating their time for our collective benefit. This includes all that have done so 100's of years leading us to today, and doing so today for a better tomorrow. Of the many people that fit this description, I am especially thankful for the financial bloggers. Mish, Karl Denninger, Gary of Smart Money Tracker, Slope of Hope, the minions on ZeroHedge, and the many financial insightful who voice their opinion on the public court. For without their efforts, we would have zero chance to be aware of the problems that we must collectively face and overcome.

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