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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amazon Shopping

This post is part of Saving Money in Shopping Series.
I am continually looking to increase my purchases from Amazon.com.  Amazon has many items at rock bottom prices that beat or at least match lowest prices available.

To maximize savings, we buy items under the subscribe and save program.
Any item bought on subscribe and save automatically gives a 5% discount AND automatically free shipping.
As of February 2013, if you ship 5 or more items under subscribe and save for a given month, you get 15% discount on all items. (some items excluded).  For additional savings, use Fidelity Amex card and get 2% cash back!

I have a list of many of the items that we purchase from Amazon under this program.  The prices listed ASSUME the 15% discount applied.   Feel free to post in the comments of this post to call out cheaper alternatives.  However, some of the items are more costly due to higher quality.  For example, instead of imitation vanilla extract, we want real vanilla.

I'll try to update this post periodically.  Subscribe and Save isn't as easy as I'd like, prices and product aspects can change, so you must keep on top of your shopping list. Some below I may be grandfathered into an offering that isn't available today.

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