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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saving Money in Shopping

There are several steps that my family takes to cut costs for supplies for the home.
We buy primary supplies from wide variety of places.
Cheap is good, but quality for food is more important.  I'd rather eat meat from a better supplier than from the most factory treated cattle.

Taking this into consideration, below is where shopping is done.
I may post a page on each store on what is primary purchase to find lowest price.
After all, a 10% (or more savings) is huge compared to interest you will get on savings (often 1%)

I'll update with links on good deals at each by enabling links. (Amazon only currently)

Barths Market- In my home town, highest quality meats, combined with AMEX blue card, 6% cash back
Shoprite   - Primary food, combined with AMEX blue card, 6% cash back
Target      - House supplies, combined with Target 5% cashback Credit Card.
BJ's          - Bulk supplies, combined with AMEX Fidelity card, 2% cash back
Amazon    - Subscribe & Save, combined with AMEX Fidelity card, 2% cash back

Also, look for good deals and make occasional purchases that take precedence.
Look for deals at Woot.com, Dealnews.com. Coupons at Dealcoupon and Wow-Coupons.

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  1. Great ideas! I have been trying to find different ways of saving money. I just got into an accident, and in addition to getting structured settlement loans, I am going to try budgeting.