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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Solar, Buy Low Sell High - 6 months later

In post on June 27th, 2012 titled "Solar, Buy low Sell High" I discussed the value play to buy FSLR (solar company) , TAN (Solar ETF) , and OIH (Oil ETF) purely based on they were beat up at that time.
Also called out FSLR as it started to move at 20.50

TAN was just under 18 a share, now at 18.96.
FSLR was at about 15, now 32
OIH was at about 33, now at 40.70

I did two posts today, both throwback looks on the non-gold miner stocks to buy.
See other called 'Social Media Stocks - Five Months later'

Charts below with red circles on the items.
For these stocks, a long term hold for years is not a bad idea.  A stop at just above your purchase price for the long haul hold.  Otherwise set stops at comfortable levels to lock in gains if they pull back.  Be sure to leave plenty of wiggle room.

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