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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Solar, buy low sell high

We are likely about to enter a recognized recession, that may last months or years.
If years, buying anything right now in the market is not a great idea, markets can go much lower.

However, many industries are already slammed hard, like solar.
The ETF TAN reflects 25 solar companies, and FSLR has been brutalized.
For longer haul, if you think solar has a future, TAN is pretty cheap at 17.90 compared to 300.

And of course, I still love OIH (oil ETF) at this range.
Time to start nibbling OR we may have a deflationary collapse bringing all stocks much lower. (well worth the WATCH!)
But if we don't here is pretty cheap.

Don't forget my disclaimer!  I am throwing darts on a dartboard, any trading is up to you.

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