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Friday, September 28, 2012

All Clear?

Friday AM update: decided to sit on my hands, dont sell what I got, dont buy more. I want to read and look at charts indepth before buying.
This is a crazy world, I posted much fear in last few posts, and here I am bullish again.
Obviously, I could post in couple of days running for the hills.

One thing I think is that this administration will NOT allow another market crash like Bush had.
So on that one gut alone, it pushes me towards Gary and not my friend John.

Gary posted here about oil bottoming, and stocks maybe in a 'runaway move'.  I highly recommend you click there and pay the trial 10 bucks for his newsletter.

Another aspect is my lack of faith I have in the USD valuation.  It ran up for a year, and now I believe we are on the downswing in the year ahead.
This should help increase valuations of gold, oil, etc.  So between Gary, the USD, and my faith in corruption, I am going back into miners. ETF GDX & GDXJ  So much for me selling on strength.

I will check the futures in the AM to confirm this intent.

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