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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Giving opinion, is it worth it?

I have posted before about some concerns about blogging some of the political aspects of the topics before. What I find most disconcerting in the years ahead, police will be able to sweep a room and using face recognition technology to associate me with things I posted....anywhere.....ever.
In effect the posting on the net will put me into different categories, one of which may plop me into "anti-XXX" or "radical", etc.  That future cop will likely be WAY less open minded than I'd like.

I could delete this entire blog today, and it would make zero difference.  Everything is backed up, archived, and indexed.  I could even change as a person to the core, heck, I could be one of the worst people I rant against today someday. But the internet scan will not take this into account.  

I used to hear in high school behave or "it will go on your permanent record".  Like anyone looks at such a thing.....  But the internet EVERYONE looks at it!  Even a future employer.
A simple search on
WebSurfinMurf reveals WAY too much about me that the random public should not have.  Its a pretty small jump to find out my real name from there.

I had a super tiny altercation via email on an opinion with a friend today.  It amplified to me that if a friend has such a radical reaction to relegate me to crazy.....what about people who find offense about my postings on Goldman Sachs? Financial Companies? US government? Current or Future employer?  Worse yet, for my son's future college or employer!

I am in effect, playing with fire posting ANYTHING that could offend against my future self.

Therefore, I am going to try to roll back severely my rhetoric.  I did a notch back in 2009 when I realized above, but I didn't turn it down enough.    I want to cut this blog back to more dry facts and avoid calling out opinions on corruption, or specific companies issues like Goldman Sachs, etc.

I'll continue to report on Money, USD, Fiat Currencies, bonds, and some other topics along these lines that are controversial.  These topics are  the next crisis and it  too important to not contribute to the social discussion.

I am adding this post to my corruption tag, so it can show when I tried to tone it back.
I urge people to read Mish and Market Ticker, for they do not pull any punches.
 10-24-2014 - see update 2013 Giving opinion is NOT worth it

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