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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greatest Crimes are publicly known

The greatest crimes in human history are often perpetrated for all to see.  The reason that these crimes are so egregious is they occur in a social environment that permits them by the public. (either overtly or lack of opposition)

Genocide is often committed openly with full knowledge of the population of the country and the world,  as recent as Darfur.

After World War one, Germany openly attempted to pay off it's debts using it's printing presses until it's own currency imploded.  That act eventually lead to Nazi leadership, and yet more genocide and invasions without repercussions from the west. (initially)

And in America, we have widely publicized acts of financial games without any opposition from the public (or world) in significant numbers.

Before my rant runs a muck in this post, let me get to the point.  Don't assume that laws are being enforced, and that America is somehow guaranteed to be land of the free, with fairness to all.  Without strict law enforcement for everyone, the US will slip into anarchy.

I have documented many of these games being played in my series Financial Ground Zero, with additional recent headlines below.

Attempting direct theft of serialized, documented, known property of account holders to pay off bad debts by MF Global. I have yet to see Former Governor Corzine have charges against him in the 10th largest fraudulent corporate default in US history! (or ANYONE! MF video on acts

Enacting laws to effectively shut down news blogging by congress. - Quoting articles can be considered piracy.  I for one will stop quoting articles, as my freedom is more important to me that my free speech.  I suspect vast majority will conform like I will, to remain out of jail to be 'free'.....

Goldman Sachs offering products that on the face of it, should be predatory or fraudulent are OK.

Years after 2008 collapse, there have been ZERO prosecutions against any wrongdoing.  I posted this before, compared to the S&L crisis in the early 90's with 1,000's of prosecutions with far less fraud!

Repeat direct violations of Capital One pursuing funds against lawfully bankrupt citizens without significant legal ramifications.

JPMorgan’s Swaps Occupying Cassino Prove Curse Like World War II

Federal Reserve bank lends 586 Billion to organizations it doesn't know. Illegal if US citizens foot the bill on bad loans!  The US constitution clearly states only congress can appropriate funds.

Allegations by Elliot Spitzer that over 7.7 Trillion in loans given in secret, and uncovered years later thanks to persistence of Bloomberg.  Bloomberg thanks for wasting your time, no one cares.

There is plenty of open evidence that the USA is headed for an unbelievable crisis.  The issues are quite publicized even if no one is paying attention.  When this comes to a head in the future, there is no excuse for Americans to be surprised.  We have plenty of access to information through the internet, and all of these items have been published (not loudly) in the press and TV.  Lack of law enforcement leads to consequences, as we are starting to see from MF Global.

Pay less attention to pop culture, more to what is happening in this country,  and vote for true change, Ron Paul,  before its too late.

This post has been added to  Financial Ground Zero, for the success of Ron Paul may be the final political destiny of the 2013-2017 events.

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