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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul

Since the start of this blog, and before, I have held the conviction that the financial issues of the USA are a result of American politicians.    And the politicians are a reflection of the population.  For the citizens of the USA could choose leadership for true change.
Obama ran on a platform of change, but from my position, I don't see change from George W bush on a political level.  Granted President Obama is more charismatic, well spoken, and does a great job of giving motivational speeches.
But from a financial stance, or law perspective, I haven't seen anything different that GW bush, with exception of a health care bill that doesn't start until past his (first?) term.

So what does this after to do with investing?  Well, my stance that USD will hit problems in 2013-2017, and gold as good long term investment directly rest on the next president.  For my view can completely change if the US elects a president who enforces laws, attempts to curtail spending, and laws affecting the Federal Reserve Bank.

From my perspective, there is only one candidate that could be elected that could provide true change, and that is Ron Paul.  Sure, you can find something I don't like about Ron Paul.  (Ron, gold is NOT MONEY!)
But that is BETTER than a candidate who tries to appease everyone, and doesn't provide true leadership.

So if Ron Paul does get elected, I have hope for the USD, and actually afraid gold collapses.  For if the US becomes more fiscally sound, gold will lose it's fear play.

I'd still be bullish on natural resources, but not nearly as hard core.

I encourage you to watch the "third chapter" in this video, when Ron Paul speaks on the Jay Leno show.
For we the people can change the future, if we truly want change.

As Mish covered, the media is of course slanted against Ron Paul, as he is not the candidate of appeasement.  To read more see Ron Paul Did Not "Walk Out" of CNN Interview; Blatantly Biased Headline by Time Magazine; Six Reasons to Vote for Paul

Further Ron Paul in some polls dominates over other republican candidates, but is marginalized by the republican party.

To donate or find out more about Ron Paul, visit http://www.ronpaul2012.com/

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