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Saturday, September 3, 2011

James LeGrand, Author of Evolve

James Legrand is a former coworker at my previous company, Navisys.
James is one of the most positive individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. James is also author of a book called Evolve!

James is also concerned about the Economic shift ahead. I have already stated I favor natural resource investments, preparing personal resources, and yes, own a gun. While I am not ready for calling mad max, but being prepared is a good thing.

James favors gold/silver for reasons slightly different than mine. I am not concerned of USD collapse in the next few years. But I do like gold/silver increasing as China and India rise with wealth, and the 2.5 billion people in that country buy more precious metals.

Other than that one point, everything else James talks about I completely agree with, be prepared.

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