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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Major Rally ahead?

For all the doom and gloom over the last few weeks, it now looks like the market may be in for a nice summary rally. If this transpires, here is what I expect.

1 USD falls, not sure if it breaks recent bottom and forms a new bottom.
2 Stock have a nice rally, but don't get too attached, the fall brings change.
3 The stock rally, if it transpires I predict will NOT eclipse recent high.
4 The downswing thereafter is when fireworks can begin.

Who knows, maybe it is down from here. But the market does feel like to me its gaining a base, so I won't be adding to DXD right now. I do think this market is putting in one hell of a major top. If it is, I don't expect it to play nice and roll over. The market right now reminds me back in 2009 when I realized I was in a trap.

That feeling is back, and this time I'll listen.

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