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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All systems are go

Gold breaks to new highs, gold miners breaking out, avl looking great, all systems are go.

Every cent I can is deployed with almost no shorts to be found. SLW has been a big mover, as my favorite AVL.
Other stocks that jumped today are GSS, AUY, GDX, IAG, IVN. Others with only 2-3% gain are NAK, NXG, RGLD, IVN, HMY and ANO.

GLD, PSLV didn't do so bad either.

For now, the world looks great in resources, especially precious metals and miners.
Good luck, and although nothing has been fixed in the economy, for now, its up up up and away.

Percent gains have been very welcome the last few weeks. Hard to hang on for this upswing.

Trade idea I like is Uranium sector on Slope of Hope, they got slammed with Japan problems.
Uranium is here to stay with china building crazy number of reactors.
In particular, some decent risk play is DNN and CCJ.

And I agree AAPL stock owners should take heed and put stops in, click to read more.

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