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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan, generation of nuclear radiation and USD nuclear bomb?

Back when the Japan tragedy occurred, I posted about the event with videos and pontificated, quote:

Well, here comes Karl of the Market Ticker calling for the same thing, but expanding it as possibly the trigger for massive sell off of USD in the future. Seems like great (or just paranoid) minds think alike, video below.

But I wonder if this does come to pass will EVERYTHING collapse across the board? All resources too? Such a deflationary collapse may be like air being sucked out of a building on fire. Dare I say, this time around big money may be ready to go to Gold as a safe haven, a temporary one. For gold is NOT MONEY (in my opinion), but it may be the last man standing in a collapse of such magnitude that it has never been experienced.

I hope, and think odds are against it happening, but something will happen once Japan sells, and China may, if so inclined, kick the USA while it's down.

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