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Friday, March 11, 2011

Powerful Earthquake devastates Japan, Hawaii evacuation ordered

Powerful earthquake hits Japan, Hawaii evacuation ordered, other countries being hit by effects.

I really have zero clue how the markets react, I doubt the US market soars to new highs based upon this devastation. Japan is one of the largest holders of US bonds, the effect I have to imagine will be massive spending by Japan to rebuild in the years to come. I hate to think in these terms, but for investing, the effects must be thought of.

Because of such uncertainty, I put stop loss orders on many positions, for only 1/2 the position. I want to keep 1/2 as my core position. My rationale is risk of markets going lower is greater than soaring. But anything is possible.

Videos below of Japan. Let's hope American TV treats Japan with respect in the weeks to come, and not turn this into a 3 ring media circus. They will need much help, at a time when the US has thrown away it's capacity to borrow.

As I say this, here I go posting images. Ugh. Some videos below, and click here for a link of pictures as google records them.

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