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Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Jim Chanos and China

Out of all the experts talking about world finance, I am finding Jim Chanos one of the exceptional investors of our day. To date, I have agreed with everything Mr. Chanos has said. I find his disposition to be rather impassion-ate about the specific financial events, but passionate about uncovering the reality he sees.

I bring you two Chanos videos, both well worth the watch. Believe it or not, he sees good things for the USA in 2011 relative to the rest of the world. I agree. But that doesn't mean the markets roar to all time highs, it just means that US on a whole fares better than others. And as always, Chanos holds a negative view of China in the nearer term.

Further, Chanos gives great reasons why people should not heavily invest in natural resources. So well worth a listen. Disturbs me, but I agree with a sharp pullback is likely before the march forward in resources resumes in my lifetime.

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