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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rare Earth Minerals

I listened to a pod cast last month that got me into Rare Earth mineral. For some reason, I didn't blog it. Kept slipping my mind, I thought I had posted on this.

At the time, I bought AVARF and LYSCF, both pink sheet stocks, priced 3.11 and 1.70 respectively at the time.

Unfortunately, I missed the announcement that AVARF was going off pink sheets with new symbol AVL and being placed into the S&P 500 ETF named TSX, announced December 20th.

The stock has started a significant rise, one I expect to be a long one for AVL.

Today it hit a high of $7.18, but beware (130% gain), this week stocks are trading with odd volumes being a holiday week. This could be a pop that goes back down. But I doubt this stock will see sub-4 bucks again.

The volume has been huge, over 8 million shares traded today. When I bought this stock it traded at about 100,00 shares a day.

So jump in now at your own risk. At this price we could see a pop just below 5 bucks to get people shaken out, but it could also make a blazing run much higher.

If you don't know about rare earth minerals, I mentioned it in a previous post (click).
China mines 95% of the worlds rare earth minerals, many of which are key to high tech electronics, military weapons, and new energy technology. (solar, wind, etc).

China has also announced they plan to limit the rare earth exports in raw form, basically blackmailing the world to manufacture products in China, since they own the raw materials.

Since rare earths are in the category of resources, I like the play.
I added to my position, but I am late to the party, if I wasn't sleeping at the wheel, I would have bought more when it broke through 5 bucks.

I may continually add to this position if it continues to rise. A stock fresh out of pink sheets may have quite a bit of room to run.

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