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Sunday, November 21, 2010


As I solidify in my mind the reality of what America and the world is doing, I am starting to think more politically. For the stock market, and other trading environments today are no longer free market enterprises. I am not sure frankly, if they ever were and I was ignorant, or the recent past has changed the reality of markets.

What we are seeing is countries, and global regions pitted against each other, using what leverage they can exert to try to alter the outcome of what a free market would bring.

China refuses to un-peg the yuan. I really have no idea at this point if they freely traded the yuan if it would soar or collapse. The point is, China like it or not, is becoming the global powerhouse of the world, challenging the US. And they are not allowing currency markets to dictate their currency valuation.

The US is outwardly stating they are trying to destroy the value of the US dollar by leveraging policies called Quantitative Easing, and other tricks. The wording is such, that they don't want to damage the dollar to the point of destroying it. But they want the US dollar to go down to make America "more competitive".

Further, the European union refuses to allow countries who are obviously bankrupt, like Ireland, to actually go bankrupt. Instead they are digging a deeper hole trying to shore up that country. This in the long run punishes Irish Citizens as they take on long term debt that will take generations to pay off. In effect, crushing that countries ability to finance economic policies as the country must take on paying off their debt as a mandate.

I could go on, how China makes 95% of the worlds rare earth elements, and is using that position to bully countries, including outright blackmailing Japan.

The point is, the economy, stock valuations, resource valuation, etc, is becoming a mute discussion. What is really worth discussing is the eventual new world order, new currencies, and new actions by countries attempting to fudge capitalist markets, in an attempt to have a more favorable outcome.

What is becoming more important to me is politics. I plan to always contribute to the blog weekly at a minimum, but I am considering starting a new political blog.

For I am tired of the partisanship to such a point, that I am against both Republicans and Democrats. Any bill that starts off Obama supports it, or Republicans support it, I am 100% against it.

What I care about is what the proposed actions are, and justification that it is needed, and can be funded. What I care about, is to discuss the topics, as Americans, and what is best for the country.

This rant was brought to you by a friend (Bob) who sent me an article, that talks about Republicans sabotaging Obama. Really? I would have never guessed. I bet there may be an article about how Democrats sabotage Republicans. Wah wah! I cry for the citizens and have no pity on the parties.

What I want is articles about leadership on making realistic progress, and stops pandering to the news media noise.

Political commercial, probably never see this on TV.

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