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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The show This Week with Christiana Amanpoar had a good episode this week on philanthropy.
The episode is called Billionaires Giving Back, full article and videos available at this link. In an environment that seems more of class warfare than unity in improving society, this was a refreshing presentation. Among the various discussions was Warren Buffet making the case that the top 1% should pay more. Bill and Melinda Gates focus on raising America's education standard to be better prepared to compete in a world economy. One of Ted Turner's focus is on funding UN efforts to reduce nuclear proliferation.

What I find startling is the total giving is about 600 billion dollars in private donations to be spent over decades. America is deficit spending over a trillion dollars a year. It is striking how the top 1% wealth being directed to philanthropy efforts is still a drop in the bucket to American Government debt.

In any event, the entire show is well worth watching. Below I provided a few excerpts from the show.

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