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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Market Challenges and Resource Trends

The election day is November 2nd, where the political landscape in America may shift. On November 3rd it is expected the Federal Reserve bank will announce their plans for flooding the market place with billions if not trillions of loose money creation.....or NOT.

Between now and November 8th, I expect we may see some market volatility. There is much at stake in both events, and how those events will be perceived by US creditors and financial pundits spin.

On October 15th, I dumped 1/2 of the mining positions, and I have held fast to not buying in until I get a clear sign of direction. The US Dollar bottomed coincidentally on October 15th (well, not too coincidental, one of my reasons for dumping), and the US dollar is on the climb, slowly.

My two cents is there is no reason to jump in front of so many unknowns with both feet. Having some skin in resources in case there is a sudden shift is prudent, but there is no reason to go in deep.

I am NOT a fatalist, a destiny person. I am willing to accept gold has peaked, and the US dollar has bottomed for the rest of my life on October 15th. I don't believe that is the case. The dollar and gold DO NOT have to play nice during what I think may be a long term US dollar devaluation.

So for now, I sit, and watch what positions I do have lose in value as the dollar strengthens. A break of gold to new highs is a good sign time to jump in with both feet. Otherwise, we are all trying to catch a falling knife by adding to positions in resources. I did enough of that last year trying to pick a top in the markets with banks. That didn't work out well, lesson learned.

For your digestion, a few charts of the last 30 days action.

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