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Thursday, May 6, 2010

When to Buy, When to sell, 30+ year proven indicator

When I started this blog initially, I posted about a great market timing indicator as documented by Karl of the MarketTicker.

It is probably the best piece of data you can learn for trading.

Unfortunately, back when this indicator stated to buy the stock market, around August 2009, I didn't listen. Well lesson learned. On my chart of indicators to NOT ignore, this one is now top of my list.

Below is an image of the DJIA since 2000, and as clearly shown, each time the orange line crosses above the bluish line, its is time to buy, and vice-versa. This simple mechanism needs only checking once a week.

So read my old post, watch the video, and refer to the image below. I didn't listen to my own post, learn from my mistake. This indicator has extremely high reliability for timing the market longer term.

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