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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paul Volcker Tells it like it is

Mr. Volcker has the best track record for killing inflation and tight monetary policy. I have written about him before. My attitudes for the American financial future would be optimistic (after first year of blood letting) if he was put into a position of power.

Below is a video, cut (censored) by CNN, the best copy I could find was a camcorder recording of the interview. A must watch.

Notice that Mr. Volcker repeats what this blog has said, need to force companies to take losses, cuts in spending, enforce fiscal discipline, enforce the law. That is the only way for long term gain. What we are doing daily is kick the can, which will make the US economy flounder for years.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing that Volcker says or does will matter...BO, could have installed him as the next Fedchair, but it would be completely the opposite of what the administration wants...

    In fact, I was shock the Herr Volcker even accepted a job with this group of radical Marxists...

    It is quite clear to anyone who has followed current events, that BO and his administration have neglected economics either by design or by accident...

    He has had little or no impact on any of the administrations economic policies, which can be gather by the lack of his name on the visitors log of the White House...