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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Predictions

I made quite a few very specific predictions last year. This year I want to try something different. That is, to make a few general broad statements of where I think the markets will be 1 year from today.

This serves two purposes. One to provide a clear, concise view with less confusion in the predictions. Two to mimic what most people are trying to do, and that is pick a place to put some savings into.
  1. 2010 will reach a crisis in the US bond market. Interest rates will (if not already) become a concern and will need to be put in check. Rates will over all drift higher, squeezing the life out of the US government and economy. Rising rates will apply downward pressure on housing.
    a) Disclaimer: US rates will NOT be a concern if the US stock markets collapses in 2010. We are talking down for the count collapse.
  2. US stock market will be lower on 12/31/2010 than 12/31/2009. Guesstimate is a wide range, SPX 1,000 to as low as 500. Since that is pretty ridiculous range, I'll choose 750
  3. Inflation, despite everyone's concerns will NOT manifest. However, Currency devaluation is possible, and that would be reflected in higher commodity prices. US Dollar gains strength first half of 2010 in general, and loses strength, in general towards end of 2010. US Dollar remains above the lower trend line, as depicted here (click) for 2010.
  4. Precious metals (gold) will have major valuation issues between Q1 and as late as Q3, but should firm up between Q2 and Q4. I am very sketchy on time line, since precious metals valuation turn around will depend on US dollar, interest rates, and stock market fear.
  5. With that said, Gold will end higher at the end of 2010 than current levels or at the very least rising rapidly to surpass current levels. (from it's low)
  6. US economy will NOT rebound, and will be in a quagmire of problems straight through 2012 and beyond.
  7. There will be major crisis in 2010, including, but not limited to: State(s) faulting on debt, counties failing (avoided in 2009), more countries failing, and in general, increasing unrest in the world (wars, terrorism, etc)
  8. Protectionism will continue to rise (tariffs, refuse to trade, etc)
    NOTE: This is one potential event to destroy stock market valuations.
this list is pretty broad. But it covers 8 specific points that can be judged on. Items 7/8 are a little squishy, but I should be able to look back to judge.

Feel free to put in the comments your own 2 cents, and I'll try to add them to my end of 2010 summary.

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