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Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Year of Blogging

This post is a bit late, but I started to reflect on one year of my labor on this blog.

Initial purpose of the blog was to help warn pending doom I believed was to occur in August 2008. Over time, this blog then morphed into for me, a way to digest and articulate to myself the ebbs and flow of thought, events, and a way to keep thoughts clear to reflect upon. Also, my writing skills are horrible, but I do hope they have gotten significantly better since my initial post back on August 14, 2008, titled "Welcome to my new Blog".

Recently I have questioned why continue this blog. I think I have articulated enough doom and gloom to last a lifetime, and really there is no point to trying to reinforce this view. I hope a day will come where corrective action is taken so I can start to become optimistic. To date however, typical human nature to take the "easy way today" at expense of a harder tomorrow continues.

My current thought is to continue this blog to ensure I keep focused on what is happening, to better prepare myself to protect my immediate family. I believe it's better to be aware of events as they unfold than to be surprised by them. Plus I am a new father, and hopefully my son, Joey Murphy, now age 5 months and 3 weeks, will someday read some of my crazy rants to gain some insight into me, and how to not become crazy like me. ;)

A shout out to John Chinnock, one of the smarter [and a little more eccentric :) ] people I have ever known. He is the single greatest influence on my perspective. Also shout out to Eric, Ryan (ugh!), Greg, Bob Groyt., Mike Cap, and Mike Mc for hours of pontification on ideas.

My greatest thanks is to the internet, through which a few very talented people can share their works. (Mish, Karl, Gary, and dozen others)

Some blog stats:
Since August 14, 2008 to August 31, 2009, I posted 455 blog posts
Using Google analytic s, which I implemented about 9/1/2008, I can gleam the following statistics between 9/1/8 - 9/1/9
4,587 unique visitors from 85 countries/territories visiting 17,537 times, viewing 29,486 pages.

I must say, I had no idea I was popular in South Korea, my #2 country after USA visiting this blog. I always loved South Korea. Their priorities are inline with my ideal country, obsessed with GOOD computer gaming, like Starcraft, MMO, etc, and have best internet access in the world. :)

Below is an image from Google Analytic s summary page, (click for better view). You can also view more images by clicking on these links, world view, top 20 world visitors.

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