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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

100 Billion in bonds found on two MORE men

I previously blogged how two Japanese men while trying to cross from Italy to Switzerland, where found to possess 134 Billion in US Bonds!

This was odd at best, and odder, they where released, and "disappeared". If I tried to pass a fake 10K worth of USD, I doubt I would be released. So makes it very very odd, and there has been no resolution to this except the general comment by US Government they are "fake bonds".

This past weekend TWO DIFFERENT men where found with 100 Billion in US bonds trying once again to cross into Switzerland! OK, now it is time to put on the tinfoil hats, lets go through the possibilities:

1) There is a ring of fake US bonds, inferring there is a MARKET for counterfeit 100M bonds. No matter how you slice this, 100's billions in US bonds floating around fake isn't good. If this is the case, I find it hard to believe the only two attempts ever made to sell fake 100M bonds where both caught. Therefore who knows how much more is out there.

2) If fake, how can they have ANY cash value? (except as collectibles) I would hope that the US Government has unique serial numbers for bonds of face value of 100 million dollars! Only use for Fake bonds I can think of is to fool someone that the bearer has big cash on hand, when they don't. One use is for banks to possess them to show inspectors they have sufficient funds to be solvent. And obviously if banks have fake bonds to fool government inspectors this is bad! I'd love to hear other uses for fake bonds of such ridiculous denominations, post in the comments.

3) If REAL, who the heck is trying to dump US dollars through back doors? Bonds of this value typically trade on exchanges. The answer: whoever selling doesn't want the world to know they are dumping US bonds. The first two men where Japanese, leading to suspicions that the Japanese government is trying to secretly diversify from US money. If ANY government is trying to dump US bonds on the sly, why have two idiots running around with the bonds? Why not have "government diplomats" which CANNOT BE SEARCHED because of their status to hand-transport?

4) Also if REAL, why isn't the US government quick to say so? To date they have rejected them being real. So why does the US Government want the public spin to be fake, when real?

5) Italy released two Japanese men with "fake" 134 BILLION in bonds, and they disappeared. If these next two men are allowed to do the same, either Italy is one of the most ridiculously run governments on earth OR Italy has pressure to release from some big forces to release and bury the subject.

If you have the patience, read this Italian version translated to English using Google.

Bottom line: Nothing good can be behind these large bond caches. And I doubt I'll know the truth in my lifetime. At this level of money, no one wants the truth to come out.

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