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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Japanese men 4th largest creditors to the US Government

Just this past Friday I posted how China, and Japan both said they have 100% in the USD.
Russia this past weekend and did a 180, saying they also have faith in the USD.

The world is one big happy family, and the worlds largest debtor nation is a great risk for your life savings. As a factoid, the third largest owner of US Bonds is Russia at 138 billion, the fourth is Britain at 128 Billion.

Imagine the surprise of Italian authorities when they found two Japanese men trying to cross into Switzerland with 134 Billion dollars of US Bonds on them. You read that right, the "fourth largest owner" of US Treasuries where two guys trying to smuggle 134 Billion dollars in US Bonds into Switzerland.

Either there is a very sophisticated US Bond fraud scheme going on that threatens the USD at a very big level OR a nation (..maybe Japan?) is trying to quietly sell US Bonds.

And I believe they HAVE to be real, not forgeries. Why? Cause how could anyone "cash" a US bond worth 100 Million dollars? This isn't like forging a 20 dollar bill. These bonds are serial numbered and tracked to who it was sold to. I would hope the USD would verify a bond of such value carefully.

There is a THIRD option, and this in a strange way ties back to my Twitter link to allegations of State Street trading for the Federal government illegally, using "secret" slush fund of cash. These bonds could be illegally created bonds by the USD to fund such activities. Now it is really time to put the tin foil hats on and look to the grassy knowll for the 2nd gunman.

This isn't some sort of crack-pot blogger story, read more here, here, and here. Want to go deeper down the rabbit hole? Read this article by clicking here....

Whatever the truth is, I am sure that the results of this investigation will get full press in the US media and the average US citizen will know the truth on such an important issue. Just ask random co-workers tomorrow if they know who was voted off of "I am a celebrity, get me out of here" vs the fact that the 4th largest stash of US bonds on the planet found on a train June 4th. I suspect however, you will be disappointed in the answer you get.

In the mean time, I still advocate buying natural resource based stocks and/or physical resources, such as gold.
UPDATE: Bonds found to be fake, targeted to be used as a bank scam for collateral
Video from Glenn Beck

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