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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recent Trades

Just as a reminder, I post greater detail of any trading I do on my Twitter account. (click here).
I don't post all trades, and I may not post promptly. I post when I remember and have the time.

So please don't use my twitter to shadow my trades, but use it to get ideas, and decide for yourself.

The market has been strong....very strong. Until two weeks ago I had no shorts since November 2008 (except DECK). Recently I have been selling some of my long positions to capture what I expect to be a pullback, after all the markets rallied 24% in 6 weeks. Then again, there is nothing to say it can't rally 40% in 8 weeks.

Back to my twitter trades. Gold miners is actually right smack dab in the indecision zone right now. Could be about to rocket higher or collapse. GDX has been holding firm between 29 and 32. So it isn't a bad spot to put some low bids in (27-31) to get into GDX slowly, but allow for GDX to hit 25 with your buying power. If your a long term investor, I truely believe GDX will hit 100 in a year or so, and probably go much higher. I am still a short term (1-4 month) pessimist on Gold and therefore I don't think the gold miners are about to rocket higher in the near term, but who knows.

For long term trades stick to just natural resource related stocks. Good luck.

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