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Monday, February 9, 2009

Stock Trader Stories, Part 1

A friend of mine, Greg & Happy John, submitted to me some "day trader" stories. I'm been a bit of a depressing blog read, figure I'd throw in a humor post on "penny pinching". All names have been changed.

Day-Trading True stories, Part 1
1.) A billionaire fishing golf balls out of the water trap to save on buying new ones.
2). The same billionaire bought a Yugo that is small enough to fit behind a truck to get a free ride over the bridge from EZPass.
3) The same billionaire telling people how to exit the Parkway and drive on Rt. 9 for for 5 minutes in order to avoid the Parkway toll (which at the time was either .35 or .25!).
4) A multi-millionaire stated he would only buy a Mercedies E320 if the dealership put the E500 decal on the back of the car.
5) Multi-Millonaire brothers going out for extravagant meals then waiting for the check to come. After the check has arrived order something small like a coffee and try to get it for free since the bill was already on the table.
6) A day-trader was paying $36 dollars a ticket as a prime trader in 1995 asked the day-trading company owner for a $3 ticket decrease. The owner looked him in the eye and said "If I lower your ticket by $3 I will be losing money". Within a year tickets were universally $10, and somehow, the owner stayed in business....

Thanks Greg & Happy John for these "cheapskate" stories.

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