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Sunday, December 28, 2008

President Bush 72% Approval Rating

If your a conservative Republican, President Bush was an excellent president, as per this Gallup Poll results.
The rest of the populous drops off considerably for supporting Mr. Bush, as the graph below shows.

To be clear, Mr. Bush had many plus and minuses under his presidency. Since I am not a fan, I'll post the minuses, feel free to post the pluses in the comment section. And better yet post in comments the "worse" things Clinton did while president vs Mr. Bush.
I could rant about education, environment, average American's standard of living, manufacturing lost, China accelerating it's one sided trading agreements, mass corruption, etc.
I'd take a president with a sex issue over bankrupting the country any day.

I post these political commentaries since, in the years ahead, the US will be MUCH worse than today, and there will be people screaming at Obama to do something to change the direction.
But Obama will NOT be able to significantly change course the US is headed after 8 years of abuse in the next 2 years.

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