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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Financial Ground Zero 2

NOTE: UPDATED 3pm, I wrote this in a hurry Sat AM, revised and fixed spelling.
I wrote a piece when Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae where taken over by the US Government, it would be reflected in history as "Financial Ground Zero" for the USA (and world to some extent) for what is to come.
Just like in the movies, a sequel is worse than the first movie.
Today we have, unfortunately, guaranteed sequels in this chain of events, each one will be worse than the previous one.
On October 3rd, 2008 the US government passed a bill to save the USA economy by throwing money at the issue. The legislation does ZERO to address root cause, and that is distrust of American companies through shady accounting practices. The bill will cost the taxpayer 700 Billion dollars and it will be used to fund US based and Foreign based debt. Congress passed at 1pm. Between 1pm and 4pm the Dow Jones industrial average lost 484 points, or about 600 Billion dollars in value.
In poker, this would be called a TELL. If the truly wealthiest organizations in USA and the world believed this bill would have a positive effect, today was the day to buy stock. That didn't happen.
Perhaps because this bill practically seals the deal on an all-out economic disaster that will surpass the Great Depression. At the "last minute" the bill backdated three law changes from October 1, 2011 to October 1, 2008. These items if passed in any other country, the US financial institutions would have condemned that country's action as reckless.
Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006, effective immediately, effects below

Federal Reserve allowed to reduce reserve requirements and to pay interest on reserves.
Federal Reserve will LOWER requirements of banks to ZERO (eventually), therefore avoiding triggering insolvency through accounting rules.
This law PERMITS the following to occur: Banks no longer have to keep even a small amount of peoples bank accounts available as cash. They don’t have to fail, they can just say they are out of cash today. Your money is still there, FDIC does not kick in, but they just stop giving out money.

Abolish Earnings Protection Accounts & Interest payments to banks
The Fed no longer has to maintain an Earnings Protection money in exchange for for the supplemental reserve fees they charge banks. Since the Fed doesn't maintain this money, the "interest" accrued will no longer be given to banks.

Earnings redistribution
WORSE YET, It grants the Fed to create their own rules for distributing earnings on existing reserves, and this granted the ability to make payments to foreign banks. Translation, foreigners have a bond gun to USA's head as previously discussed and will get paid one way or the other. Foreign bank payments is basically adding to taxpayer debt in the grand scheme of the USA's finances.

These actions have revised my DOW "low" from 10,000 to 8,500. Each time the USA fails to do what is required, fix the accounting & valuation, the result will be lower valuations.

Taking the above into account, is this a sign of strength or preparation for the next sequel in this movie series, setting up for event 3?

NOTE: I don't have the time to have figured this out, above is a translation from a post on a forum, for details read here.

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